Purple Angel runs a campaign to provide those living with dementia with free bespoke MP3 players.

Each MP3 player will have a personalised selection of 15 favourite songs. Music has been shown to benefit those living with dementia, with musical memories remaining accessible for longer than other memories. Being able to listen to favourite songs can provide joy and comfort to those living with dementia.

The video below shows just how much of a difference music can make!

We are also able to upload the complete Holy Bible or parts thereof.


LISTEN TO THE VIDEO FROM OUR FOUNDER Norman McNamara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXVgF3X3UVc&feature=youtu.be
FOR PEOPLE struggling with DEMENTIA!
How they work:.
Research has proved that music lights up more parts of the brain than any other activity known to mankind. If that’s not enough, some research in the USA says that the receptor in the brain that receives the music signal is never affected by dementia.
The MP3 music players we design are bespoke to the individual. We ask family and close friends to tell us 15 absolute favourite songs for the person with dementia. With our players every song will be a favourite.
We found that, by placing the MP3 headphones on residents with dementia intermittently during the day, their brain activity is stimulated and switches on all kinds of emotions – even bringing back the ability to converse in some cases. We have found that whilst the music is playing they can remember where they heard the music, what they were doing at the time and possibly in some cases how they used to love playing a musical instrument. It is without a doubt amazing to witness.
The other benefits are – when this is done no less than 30 minutes prior to mealtimes –  they start to enjoy themselves, move about, sing along and feel more like eating and drinking. There is no reason whatsoever why they can’t also take meals whilst listening to music in their earphones.
The MP3s are small in size and the earphones are comfy, they are not just earbuds but the wider cushion effect earphones. These must be monitored by staff if clients are prone to throwing things or become very fidgety or distressed. This is NOT a one size fits all and we do not claim success every time but we have always worked on the theory that if it works for just a few people and helps them have a better quality of life, it is worthwhile. We have been working and collating evidence on this for the last few years and have had some incredible results and feedback.
Purple Angel can deliver this for free because we raise funds for it. The problem: The MP3 players have become so popular we are being inundated with orders.

At the Purple Angel, we will continue to provide as many as possible but please help us to fundraise for this much needed cause!   For more details please email:
Norman McNamara:  [email protected] (please note the 2 rr’s!)
For any kind donations or fundraising please contact Norrms via email above .

REPORTS from a care establishment:
We have had 13 MP3 players with personalized music and headphones. Out of the 13 residents, we have seen positive changes in 11 residents and some unbelievable changes that have astounded us. For one resident that the MP3 player did not work for, we gave it to another resident not eating and drinking and spending most of the day asleep. This resident is now alert, eating and drinking.
We have 2 residents who were on end of life that have come back to life since the introduction of the MP3 players.
What we have seen residents speaking more, residents who never communicate verbally have been speaking. Residents have been putting on weight and have been much more alert.
Staff have been so excited by the results they have asked us to request more MP3 players for other residents. Families who have seen the reaction of residents listening to the MP3 players have asked if we can get them for their relatives.
The difference the MP3 players have made has to almost be seen to be believed. With BG who was approaching the end of her life, not accepting personal care, not eating or drinking and was very thin. To see her now right from the moment she had her MP3 player – singing, dancing, smiling, talking, eating and drinking and has gained some weight. Every day I see her, I still cannot believe the change


Purple Angels welcomes any donations to help keep the MP3 player campaign running. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.