The Purple Angel

The World Rocks Against Dementia on the 22nd to 24th March 2019

The Purple AngelDementia Awareness Campaign

The Purple Angel

Symbol of hope

Dementia: Severe emotional and mental disruption and deterioration; symptoms of crippling diseases of the brain, progressive meaning that it will lead to death.

Both in the elderly and young onset can be difficult for families to come to terms with.
As brain neurons die, mental processes are altered, causing a person to lose cherished life memories, have subtle or severe personality changes, disorientation and a reduced ability to make reasoned judgments affecting day to day function.

Dementia does not “come out of the blue" but has early stages, mid stages and late stages, we have to concentrate on recognizing those "Early stages".

It is estimated that there are over 44 million people living with dementia around the world.

Purple Angel upholds the principle that people with dementia have an absolute right to enjoy a good quality of life and continued involvement in their local community so far as they are able and willing to do so. The depth and strength of that principle is the driving force behind the continued efforts to address negative attitudes and ultimately reverse them, raising awareness and understanding of the impact the disease has on individuals and their families.

Our hope is that by spreading awareness we can give comfort, put an end to stigma and work together globally for a cure.

Although most forms of dementia will progress to end of life, we can all live better given sufficient understanding and knowledge about the diseases.

How IT All Started

The Purple Angel Dementia Campaign began in Devon, UK when Norman McNamara (diagnosed with dementia at 50yrs) launched the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance:

The purpose of the Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is to raise awareness, give hope to and empower people with dementia by giving out information on how shops, businesses and other services can support people who have these progressive diseases – both elderly and younger onset.

The symbol was designed by Norman McNamara of Devon UK together with Jane Moore, a carer from Cornwall and is becoming known as a global emblem which can be used by anyone who is voluntarily raising awareness of dementia.

The Purple Angel friends and ambassadors from all walks of life are at work in many UK towns and overseas, creating dementia friendly communities. We invite you to join in.

“How to” information is given in the following pages.



Guide to Understanding Dementia (.pdf)
Global Letter, Guide and Dementia (.pdf)
What is Dementia (Alzheimer’s Society) (.pdf)


The Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Logo (.jpg) - For promotional purposes
The USA World Logo (.jpg) - The USA WORLD LOGO
The Single Angel (.jpg) - This can be used on headed notepaper, business cards, stickers and other material you create for raising awareness.


*We believe that people with dementia have the right to a good quality of life and to remain independent in their local community.

*We believe that people with dementia have the right to live well, engage in and contribute to their local communities as long as they wish to do so.

*We will address negative attitudes and raise awareness and understanding of dementia.

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